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Happy Cambodian Children (HCC) Project

Main Goal


The program’s purpose-level goal is to develop child friendly school models that are truly excellent across several dimensions including educational quality, inclusiveness, and local stakeholder (i.e., parents, community, and local government) engagement with the aim of ensuring smooth transition from community pre-schools to primary schools.

Project Objective 1: Access to education (especially for girls and vulnerable children) improves in target locations;  

Project Objective 2: School effectiveness (i.e. quality of education) improves through the development and practice of Child Friendly School approaches in and out of the classroom in a way that is relevant to needs of vulnerable children, especially girls;

Project Objective 3: Children’s reading abilities improve from a baseline in the early grades (Grades 1-3);

Project Objective 4: The management capacity of local partners to administer development assistance increases in a way that enhances educational access and quality as well as community outreach.


Project Description


The USC project have consulted with school stakeholders 12 target schools in Kampong Cham, Siem Reap and Ratanakiri provinces to assist schools in recruiting community teachers to teach in the state schools, as a results all target schools are waiting for contract teachesr that supported by MoEYS, if MoEYS are not provide contract teachers, schools will consider community teachers that supported from KAPE.


Project team have collaborated with pre-school teacher to set up a new school support committee SSC. In the past, the pre-school at Hanchey ran school without school support committee. Now the school have a new school support committee who participated from school stakeholders include commune council, chief villages, month, primary school principal and parents. The SSC is assisting school to do enrolment campaign and maintain school environment.


Key Activities


  • Training Stakeholders for School Mapping
  • provide Scholarship for vulnerable ​children
  • Improve library activity linking with literacy activity
  • Training Workshop for teachers/directors on CFS teaching methodology.
  • Organize life skills classes in all schools
  • Provide teaching and learning aids to target schools
  • Provide training in basic teaching methods for Community Teachers.
  • Provide foundational workshop on using Benchmark/RRS /Reading Toolkits for Grade 1, 2,& 3.
  • Provide reading toolkits for target schools
  • Conduct a Child Rights Sensitization activity with children
  • Conduct a school-planning workshop for each school 
  • Provide management training to school directors to improve school organization
  • Organize local exposure visit to model schools for teachers, school directors, librarians, SSC representative, DOE and POE representative to strengthen school planning
  • Provide training to SSCs to strengthen engagement and general capacity.
  • Support children council activity to improve children engagement
  • Support pre-school activities as teacher training, teaching materials, children snack, community teacher salary, improve school environment and others.


Start Date - End Date


1 August 2018 - Open


Supported by


Kinchan-Stiftung Foundation





Primary Schools


High Schools


Higher Education Institutions