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Books for Cambodia (BfC)

Project Profile


The Books for Cambodia Program has completed its third year of operation and is currently preparing for a continuation of its book donation programming. BfC has now prepared a new MoU with the Ministry of Education, Youth, & Sport that will cover three years of continuous funding during the period 2017 to 2020.


The prospect of assured continuity from year to year will enable the program to more easily plan for coverage targets that provide a balance of urban and rural areas. In addition, the new MoU will mark a strategic shift in programming to focus on the formal education sector while handing over book distribution to tertiary level institutions to the Royal Univesity of Phnom Penh starting in 2018.


Core Goal

Books for Cambodia seeks to promote English reading at  the primary, secondary, and tertiary education levels.


The project is also striving to help universities, government institutions and NGOs to create a culture of reading in Cambodia and enable access to books of the highest quality.


Key Activities


  • Books for Cambodia continued to process book requests from schools and distributed 22,320 donated English books in 2019. These books are high quality publications donated by publishing companies in the United States.
  • KAPE conducted regular monitoring and evaluation of book use by using social media platforms such as Telegram and Facebook.
  • Program planners compiled a report of assessment findings with concrete recommendations to management to maximize book access.
  • BfC administered real-time surveys in schools using KoBoToolBox and Google Survey to monitor access to donated books.
  • BfC staff members incentivized reading activities by organizing Spelling Bees and outreach to parents to support reading activities at home.
  • Support one Open Access Library each year to an outstanding library in the region targets areas.

Target Group


Primary School students, Secondary School Students, Governament Institutions and Universities, Non-Governemental Organizations, Network and Resource Schools









Primary Schools


High Schools


Higher Education Institutions