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14th International Conference on Education and Development in UK

Date : 2017-09-08
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On 5-7 September 2017, KAPE sent its two staff, Mr. Hang Pisseth, the I'm Learning project manager and Mr. Steven Prigent, the research adviser to attend the International Conference Programme at the University of Oxford, held by UKFIET, The Education and Development Forum in United Kingdom. KAPE was one of successful candidates selected to present its research findings and best practices. Participants from different countries all over the world attended the conferences and exchanged their research findings, experiences in learning and teaching for sustainable development which focused on curriculum, cognition and context. 


The conference offered insights from a variety of geographical contexts, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Chile, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, and Nigeria amongst others; and address specific issues including sustaining teacher education programmes after funding, material resources and training are finished; curriculum support for teachers to deliver Education for Sustainable Development; the lived experiences of teachers in meeting the challenges and pressures of bringing about sustainable change; the factors and systems that facilitate teachers' sustained application of new knowledge, skills and values in their particular learning spaces; how teachers could be sustainably motivated to improve student learning outcomes and their own professional development and the role of policy makers, school leaders, teacher educators, donors and researches in supporting the sustainability of teachers' professional and human development.


KAPE research team also presented the findings of a study entitled “The Impact of holistic educational programs on quality and learning outcomes in Cambodia” to the conference. That was a great opportunity that the world could hear the educational issues in Cambodia through I'm Learning Project supported by Save the Children.


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