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Local Government and KAPE Reach Agreement to Start Extended School Day Pilot

Date : 2014-01-11
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Starting in January 2014, KAPE and the Provincial Office of Education of Kampong Cham have reached an agreement to support an extended school day of six hours at the Demonstration Primary School attached to the Provincial Teacher Training College. The school is the focus of intensive investment by KAPE to raise educational standards and promote innovation in areas serving poor urban and rural populations. This pilot has been endorsed by the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport in Phnom Penh and precedes a similar national pilot planned by the Ministry in 10 schools in the next academic year. The Ministry hopes that this pre-pilot implemented jointly by the POE and KAPE will help better inform the national program.

The pilot will affect approximately 280 children at the Demonstration School in Grades 1 to 6. The extended study day will enable the school to include popular subjects such as IT literacy, life skills, intensive English, and Chinese. Under the agreement, KAPE will supplement teachers' salaries by $50/month and will support food subsidies to enable poorer students to stay at the school at lunch time at a canteen that will be operated by the school. The pilot brings this Cambodian primary school up to an international standard for study hours and may be the precursor of more intensive efforts by government and donors to increase educational quality in the public schools.




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