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The PEI Culture Center and Gift Distribution

Date : 2013-02-28
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The Phnong Education Initiative (PEI) is aiming to support the Phnong, an indigenous hill tribe and minority group in Cambodia focusing on students who would otherwise be unable to attend school due to financial reasons.~ Recently our donor, Lotus Outreach carried out a monitoring visit to the secondary school scholarship students they support in Mondulkiri province, the trainees they fund to attend a two year teacher training course, as well as primary schools where former Lotus Outreach supported teacher trainees teach, now that they have qualified.

In addition to their secondary school studies, the scholarship students have been learning about research and especially about researching their own Phnong minority culture, so that they can preserve this for future generations. They have now set up a culture centre, also funded by Lotus Outreach, to display the materials and information they have collected.

During the visit KAPE also distributed 126 sweaters (donated by a separate private donor) and tins of fish for Phnong students and teachers.


Primary Schools


High Schools