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Scholarship Distribution Held by GEI

Date : 2013-03-28

“I am impressed to see that scholarship support is helping to encourage children and especially girls to attend school and also to involve them in many activities in school and the community,&rd...

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US Ambassador Visited IBEC’s Target Schools

Date : 2013-03-28

AN IBEC secondary School Council in Siem Reap was honored to host a visit from Ambassador  William E Todd, the  US Ambassador;  Ms Rebecca Black, USAID director in Cambodia;  Mr Ch...

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The PEI Culture Center and Gift Distribution

Date : 2013-02-28

The Phnong Education Initiative (PEI) is aiming to support the Phnong, an indigenous hill tribe and minority group in Cambodia focusing on students who would otherwise be unable to attend school due t...

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SfE project held a Workshop on Child Friendly Schools

Date : 2013-02-21

Schools for Excellence (SfE), a new project being implemented by KAPE, organized its first training workshop to help improve teachers' teaching methods in 15 target schools in Krouchma district. T...

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IBEC gives students more space to practice the chemistry lesson

Date : 2013-02-21

Improved Basic Education in Cambodia (IBEC) project has actively been implementing since 2009 in three target provinces: Kampong Cham, Kratie and Siem Reap. IBEC, which is supported by USAID, provides...

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Cambodian Children receive scholarship program from SfE​

Date : 2013-02-21

Schools for Excellence (SfE) rewards 7 target schools with scholarship programs both schools and students. Each school receives some budget to run its life skills such as vegetable gardens, learning m...

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Learning to read on a mobile phone?

Date : 2013-01-18

Nine year old Srey Ream told a room full of school directors, teachers, community members and staff from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, whyshe liked to learn to read and write. During a laun...

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United Dinner Party of the New Year 2013

Date : 2013-01-03

Some of KAPE’s beneficiaries were invited to attend a Dinner Party taking place in Kampong Cham town on 16 December 2012 from 4:00pm till 8:00pm to celebrate some of the activities they have bee...

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