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Core Teacher Training on Library Management

Date : 2020-07-28

Core Teacher Training on "Library Management" on 27-28 July 2020 at the Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sport in Khemrak Phoumin city, Koh Kong province.​ The 20 participants are t...

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1st Consultation Workshop

Date : 2020-06-16

This was the first consultation workshop hosted by the Life Skills Learning for Adolescent Girls (LSLAG) project, having main objectives to: (A) collect input from stakeholders on points to be modifie...

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Date : 2020-05-11

KAPE has been working closely with the Early Childhood Education Department (ECED) of the MoEYS to expand New Generation School programming into the preschool sector. After studying new approaches to ...

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HCC Distributed soaps and posters to 708 students

Date : 2020-05-01

Happy Cambodian Children (HCC) project distributed soaps, coronavirus/COVID19 prevention and learning apps posters to target students to help them prevent the spread of the COVID19 epidemic by le...

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Interval Test Results

Date : 2020-04-28

Interval Tests are formative evaluation mechanisms that mediate between the teaching of the benchmarks and the formal identification of children who have difficulty keeping up with other children. The...

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Apps for Parents to provide their children to study at home

Date : 2020-04-08

Apps for parents to help their children learn Online at home during the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport encourages to reinforce students to study at homes in order to terminate the pandemic of ...

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ដំណើរទស្សនកិច្ចផ្លាស់ប្តូរបទពិសោធន៍នៅ សាលាចឋមសិក្សាចារ និងសាលាស្វាយផ្អែម ខេត្តស្វាយរៀង

Date : 2020-03-17

            គម្រោងវិធីសាស្ត្រសរុបដើម្បីពង្រឹងអំណានសម្រាប់កុមារ (TRAC III ) បានរៀបចំដំណើរទស្សនកិច្ចផ្លាស់ប្តូរបទពិសោធន៍នៅសាលាបឋមសិក្សា ចារ និងសាលាបឋមសិក្សា ស្វាយផ្អែម ស្ថិ...

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500,000 Women and Girls Complete Gap Inc.’s Global Education and Life Skills Training Program

Date : 2020-02-24

In advance of International Women’s Day, Gap Inc. announced today that over 500,000 women and girls have completed its signature education and life skills training program, P.A.C.E. (Person...

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Educational Career Counselling Forum via Trey Visay App

Date : 2019-12-11

The Kampuchean Young Leaders’ Action (KYLA) hosted its Educational Career Counselling Forum via Trey Visay, attended by the Deputy Director of Provincial Office of Education, Youth and Sport of ...

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