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Night Meeting with Students' Parents

Date : 2015-03-31
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On March 30, 2015, KAPE's Beacon School Initiative (BSI) organized a PARENTS' NIGHT EVENT to demonstrate to parents what their children are learning, how they are learning it, and to help them get to know their children's teachers and their school better. As in many developed countries, parents are busy working during the daytime making access to parents difficult. The school's teachers decided to organize this event at night in order to enable more parents to attend. The school expected about 100 parents to attend; in the event, over 200 showed up to join the event that included student plays, experiments, poetry exhibitions, and singing. After student demonstrations, parents walked through the school which was all lit up; student tour guides led parent groups through the school and explained what each facility was and how it was used (e.g., media center, computer labs, etc). At the end of the event, parents joined teachers in their children's classrooms to get to know each other better and to see where their children are learning. To KAPE's knowledge this is the first time that a state school has ever organized a Parent's Night Event and the school hopes to continue this practice to build ever closer relations with parents.




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