Date : 2021-09-16
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Heng Teng Heang is a student in grade 10 from HUN SEN SUONG high school. She’s 15 years old, she is a third child of four siblings in her family. Her parents are the seller in the market.


In her previous family life, she was never happy or joyful because her father always quarrels and used violence to her mother, although the children tried to stop him, he never listened to them. Sometimes, it even leads to violence against his children, too. Teng Heang feels ashamed and upset all days. Mostly, she does not feel to study because she ashamed of her friends and neighbors.


One day, her teacher announced to her class that this class has been selected for teaching life skill program was supported by KAPE. She thought that, she could not attend this program because she has no feeling on studying anymore. But after her teacher explained about the advantage of the program, she decided to attend.


For a while of studying this subject, she met a lesson which was talking about family violence and her teacher also provided a detailed explanation on what violence is? And how to deal with violence effectively. She was very interested in this lesson and she listened to teacher explain carefully because what that her teacher taught is the same what is happening in her family now.


With the introduction and inspiration from her teacher made her had an idea that she could apply this knowledge and some methods in her family when she turns back home. As she thought, she gathered all her determination and effort to explain her father to stop the violence in the family. She said to him that “what you were doing is very bad thing and made the embarrassment in the family. The neighbors are looking down our family now”. At first time, her father was very angry with her. He thought that she is too young to discipline the elderly. However, she did not give up her trying. She tried for several times to convince, to lobby, to explain, to plead her father until one day he was aware of the mistakes that he had made in the past. And he thinks that his daughter did the right thing. To get forgiven his mistakes from the family, he apologized to his children and wife and he swear he is going to stop domestic violence anymore.


From then onwards, her family is living peacefully, and she is very blissful and goes to school confidently. She never forgets to thank her teacher who taught her until she is brave and able to help her family. Especially, she thanked to the program for choosing her school to carry out activities and provide a lot of knowledge to her and other students as well as.




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