Left the poor for a specialist

Date : 2017-09-29

Chhorn Mouyleang is 22 years old and comes from Kampong Cham Province. She studied at PNC and now works as a s... Read More

A Suburb Girl Life Story

Date : 2017-04-21

Man Savone, aged 22, is studying Management as a Freshmen at Western University in Kampong Cham Province under... Read More

A 21st Century model library has greatly changed the reading ability a

Date : 2016-08-31

One of the key achievements of E2L has been the development of a new kind of model school library better suite... Read More

E-Library Changed Children's Reading Skill and Understanding

Date : 2016-08-09

Srey Rath**,13 years old, is a student in grade 6 in Aknuwath primary school in Vealvon commune, Kampong Cham ... Read More

Let's Read Made Students Learn Fast

Date : 2016-08-08

Sophea**, 11 years old, was a student studying in Grade 6 in Tanou primary school, Tanou commune, Svay Ch... Read More

Never left hope even met the most difficult time in the past

Date : 2015-12-20

Dany, a CTSP student who is studying Finance and Banking comes from a family of poor condition living in Kosh ... Read More

The Poor Girl Gets Opportunity to Change

Date : 2015-12-12

Long Sovandany, 23, who graduated from Western University and held Bachelor in Finance and Banking, has now be... Read More

A Struggling Community and Its Teachers See a Light

Date : 2015-09-30

Kiri Sok San and Yea Villages are located in a very remote and disadvantaged area about 30 km into the forest ... Read More

The young scholarship student changed her life unexpectedly and can he

Date : 2015-03-26

Po Sineng is a Year 2 Accounting student living with her parents in an old dilapidated building where many fam... Read More

Center for Education Innovations Profiles BSI Project

Date : 2015-01-22

KAPE was recently contacted by the Center for Education Innovations (CEI) about the possibility of profiling t... Read More

Participation of girl in School Development

Date : 2014-09-30

rowded voice of students for attending brushing teeth competition at Sarkeng-Outavao primary school organized ... Read More

Model Commune Chief

Date : 2014-03-27

After just about two years as a commune chief at ChreyVien commune, the same time as when TRAC began, Mr Somri... Read More




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