Date : 2022-10-03
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Seng Vouch Sim is 5 years old and lives with her mother called Mrs. Leng Seng Thai who is 33 years old. There are five members in her family including great grandparents, parents, older brother and her. Her home locates in Han Chey village, Han Chey commune, Kampong Siem district, Kampong Cham province. She now becomes an active, very brave, and courageous student at Han Chey Community Preschool with financial and technical support from the Happy Cambodian Children (HCC) project funded by Kinchan Stiftung foundation and implemented by Kampuchea Action to Promote Education (KAPE). Living in a normal family, Seng Sim was not active, brave, and courageous even if her mother tried to bring her up and use various techniques to nurture her to grow. She was spokeless and did not want to answer and talk with her siblings and parents at home. Her mother always advised her to go to school, but she tried to refuse because she was so young and shy when she met more people at school. Mrs. Leng Seng did not know how to talk and encourage her daughter to go to school. Her daughter liked to play alone, especially when she was at school. It was very difficult for her daughter to start her first class. She always kept quiet and never wanted to talk with anybody. Sometimes, she was afraid of others looking at her face. During school hours, Vouch Sim waited for her mother to get her home.



Unexpectedly, Vouch Sim has changed a lot since the Happy Cambodian Children (HCC) project took place at her school. Her attitude and characteristics are positively improving including courageousness to talk more, the elder respect, and the timetable given by the teacher to follow. Very different from the past, she now knows the time to go to school. In the mornings, she gets up early, takes a bath, and prepares her clothes and learning materials to go to school. She is now very happy to study when she arrives at school because her teacher pays more attention, takes care of her, and gives good discipline and routines in class especially her teacher makes a regular habit for students and her to read and do homework. All the teachers in this school have good relationships with all children and most often raise educational and inspirational recommendations to all children to learn. The project has provided capacity buildings and follow-up pieces of training to all teachers for better teaching. Those teachers have new methods to teach students and can bring all children to be changed.


I would like to thank Kinchan Stiftung foundation and KAPE who donate and provide breakfast and condensed milk to my daughter and other children to eat every morning. If there were no breakfast support, all parents must spend a lot of money on breakfast for children. Other parents and I would thank you again for the HCC project that provides healthy food and milk for all children to be energized and dynamic in the study,Mrs. Leng Seng said with a happy and confident face.




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